The Latt Maxcy Corporation was formed May 1, 1963, but its concept originated long before in the mind of Latimer Maxcy, born November 7, 1887, in Columbia, South Carolina. During a camping trip in 1904, and after a devastating freeze, Latt observed that the citrus and vegetable crops around Lake Reedy near Frostproof weren't affected. He persuaded his family to acquire 70 acres on the south side of Lake Reedy and set it out in citrus trees.

He started work at the age of nine as a water boy in the phosphate mines for 35¢ per day. In the process he learned to operate heavy equipment and applied these skills as a heavy equipment operator in the northeast, saving and investing in citrus land of his own, and eventually moving back to Frostproof in 1914. He did all the labor himself, even hauling the fruit to the packinghouse, started buying fruit from others and later bought interest in a local packinghouse.

In 1917 he sold out to the Citrus Exchange and organized his own company, The Lake Reedy Packing Company at East 6th Street, on the west side of the Atlantic Coastline Railroad. In 1925, the Lake Reedy records were closed and L. Maxcy, Inc. was created.

In the 1920's, Latt Maxcy's interest expanded to the banking business. World War I had ended, and the surrounding areas were experiencing economic growth. Mr. Maxcy and twenty other men formed the Citizens Bank of Frostproof.

By 1931, Latt Maxcy owned and operated the largest of several fresh fruit packinghouses in Frostproof, as well as an expanding citrus canning and juice plant next door. He was a pioneer in citrus canning and processing and later added a citrus pulp mill at his packinghouse making it one of the most complete of its kind at the time.

In 1935 he purchased an 80-acre tract in Osceola County on which he began to raise cattle, and which ultimately became the site of his ranch home and the nucleus for vast acquisitions of land primarily devoted to cattle. By 1949, he had put together a cattle ranch larger than the state of Massachusetts. Approximately 150,000 acres, the ranch stretched from the Kissimmee River almost to Vero Beach.

The 1940's and 50's marked great improvements in the quality and taste of canned and bottled citrus and juice, exemplified by the Maxcy brands in which Latimer Maxcy took great pride, "Silver Nip” and "Golden Nip." He originated the idea for Florida Citrus Mutual and was its first president in 1948.


In 1949, Clinton Foods, Inc. purchased the citrus holdings of L. Maxcy, Inc. Latt was persuaded to head up all Florida operations for "Snow Crop" and is credited with turning it into a profitable operation. In 1956, Snow Crop was sold to Minute Maid, and Mr. Maxcy moved his office back to the original site of Maxcy's Garage. The building was constructed in 1934 at 33 E. Wall Street, and had served as a Standard Oil Service Station and a Ford dealership.

In February 1971, Latt Maxcy was inducted into the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame by then Governor Askew. After Latt Maxcy's death on August 2, 1971, Pat Wilson became President and Chairman of the Board of both the Latt Maxcy Corporation and Citizens Bank and Trust.


In 1973, Pat was named the “Commerical Producer of the Year” by the Beef Improvement Federation in recognition of his herd improvement practices that were carried out on the 150,000 acre El Maximo Ranch. In 1975, he received the “Cattlemen’s Award” from the Florida Cattlemen’s Association.

Pat’s dedication to the cattle industry was evidenced by his service in numerous cattle industry associations. He was a Director, Vice President, Treasurer and two-term President of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association. In addition, Pat served as 2nd Vice-President of Region II and member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the National Cattlemen’s Assocation.

Pat , on behalf of Latt Maxcy Corporation, became a founding member of what is known today as the Florida Land Council. By uniting farmers with large land holdings, the Council became a powerful voice representing landowners’ concerns in the Tallahassee political arena. Today, total acreage under membership is 2.5 million, representing 7.2% of all acreage in Florida.

In 1997, the Company sold 45,000 acres of ranch land to the State of Florida and began a period of diversification into commercial real estate development. The Company is currently involved in several real estate ventures the majority of which are located in central Florida. Latt Maxcy Corporation contracts with Maxcy Development Group in Tampa to act as manager on all our non–agriculture related real estate holdings.

In 2005, the Company sold approximately 27,000 acres of ranch lands to a South Florida developer and decided to eliminate its cattle operations the following year.

Since Pat Wilson’s passing in 2008, Maxcy grandsons Latimer (Coot)Wilson and Clayton G. Wilson continue to be involved in the day to day operations of Latt Maxcy Corporation. Clay serves as Vice-President of the citrus division as well as Chairman of the Board. Lat serves as Vice-President of the ranch/land operations and is Chairman of the Board of Citizens Bank and Trust. Maxcy granddaughters Cynthia Wilson Henry and Patricia (Jinx) Wilson Chaney serve as President and Vice-President of the Maxcy Foundation as well as Board Members for both Latt Maxcy Corporation and Citizens Bank and Trust.

Latt Maxcy Corporation still maintains approximately 40,000 acres of ranch lands and 6,000 acres of citrus. Citrus operations are based out of Frostproof, Florida and the company’s corporate headquarters are located in Lake Wales, Florida. The Wilson family continues to own 100% of the Latt Maxcy Corporation as well as 99% of Citizens Bank and Trust.

The Maxcy/Wilson Family members are committed to excellence in land stewardship and to continuing their heritage as a family-controlled holding company with interests in real estate, agriculture and other businesses that leverage their strengths.